The long way towards volcanic risk reduction in the Kivu region (DRC-Rwanda border) 
Sharing experience of an international collaboration (UNESCO IGCP 692 webinar; 5/05/2021)

  • Introduction to 15 years of collaboration

  • Why such interest for the Nyiragongo volcano?

  • What does make the volcanic risk so significant in Goma?

  • What was the situation in 2002?

  • What is the motivation for collaborating with the Goma Volcano Observatory (GVO)?

  • How did we approach the field component?

  • What bring multidisciplinary approaches?

  • What is the contribution of the seismic component?

  • Can we deduce from the improved knowledge of the volcanic hazard an improvement in the preparation for the next eruption?

  • What lessons can be learned from this experience and what are the future challenges?


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