Publication of the administrative maps of the Kivus (DRCongo)

Institut Géographique du Congo

In the framework of the HARISSA project, the Institut Géographique du Congo (IGC), in collaboration with the RMCA, has developed a series of thematic projects focused on updating administrative maps at the national, provincial and territorial levels.


The preparation of these maps is based primarily on the 2015 organic law ( establishing the boundaries of the provinces and the city of Kinshasa), field knowledge, archival cartographic documents (territory maps from the 1950s), and high-resolution satellite imagery. The IGC stations in North Kivu, South Kivu and Maniema, in collaboration with the RMCA, produced in 2021:

  • The administrative map of the province of Nord-kivu at 1/500000, 
  • The administrative map of the province of Sud-Kivu,
  • The new version of the administrative map of Maniema

A series of maps of the territories of these three provinces will be published soon.


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