Antoine Dille successfully defended his PhD last week!

Antoine's PhD defense

His doctoral research was focusing on the natural and anthropogenic controls behind the dynamics of large landslides in the Kivu Rift.


PhD candidate at the RMCA and the VUB, Antoine was working on the MODUS and RESIST projects founded by the Belgian Science Policy Office (BELSPO). He aimed at improving our understanding of how environmental constraints typical for tropical context influence the occurrence (i.e., when they occur) and dynamics (i.e., why they move) of large slow-moving landslides. For that he carried multiple field campaigns in Bukavu (eastern DR Congo) in collaboration with researcher from the Université Officielle de Bukavu and used state-of-the-art remote sensing methods such as SAR Interferometry, Photogrammetry and Image Correlation. His research is partly published in Dille et al. 2019 (Geomorphology) and Dille et al. 2021 (Remote Sensing of Environment).

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