PhD-kandidaten die (mede)begeleid worden door het GeoRiskA team


Mercy ASHEPET (2019-present), RMCA/KU Leuven
“Citizen Science in the Global South: motivational frameworks and impact on policy making. Case-study on CS for natural hazard risk management and vector borne disease reduction in Uganda”


Liuelsegad BELAYNEH BUNARE (2017-present), VUB
“Mapping and quantifying the rate of soil loss by gullies and landslides: Abaya-Chamo Lake catchments, Southern Ethiopia” 


Axel DEIJNS (2020-present), RMCA/VUB
“Geomorphic hazards and compound events in the western branch of the East African Rift”


Clemence IDUKUNDA (2021-présent), UNamur
“Assessing vulnerability to flood and landslide hazards in the North-Western Rwanda” 


Guy ILOMBE MAWE (2019-present), ULiège
“Predicting the susceptibility, expansion rate and impacts of urban gullies in the DRC”


Ephrem KAMATE KALEGHETSO (2020-present), KU Leuven/ULiège/RMCA/OVG/Université de Lubumbashi/Université de Goma
“Petrological study of Nyamulagira volcano, (North-Kivu, DR Congo): A tool for minimizing the threat of future eruptions on Goma’s population and surroundings”


Violet KANYIGINYA TWAGIRA (2019-present), RMCA/VUB/Mbarara University of Science and Technology 
“Natural hazards and their interactions under the lens of citizen science: a multi-hazard assessment for the South Western region of Uganda”


Blaise MAFUKO (2019-present), RMCA/VUB/Université de Goma
“Assessment of volcanic risk perception and awareness-raising initiatives for effective risk culture establishment: the case of the population of Goma, Eastern DRC”


Jean-Claude MAKI MATESO (2017-present), UCLouvain
“Landslides and land use at the heart of the anthropisation of a rural world: focus on the Lake Kivu region in DRC”


Bienvenu MATUMO (2019-present), UParis8/RMCA
“Le développement urbain de la région de Goma en situation post-conflit: entre l'ingérence humanitaire et l'exploitation minière.”


Toussaint MUGARUKA BIBENTYO (2019-present), RMCA/UGent/Université Officielle de Bukavu
“Geological and geomorphological controls on large landslides: North Tanganyika - Kivu Rift region”


Jean NSABIMANA (2019-present), RMCA/UNamur/Université du Burundi
“Vulnérabilité face aux processus hydrologiques : le cas de la ville de Bujumbura (Burundi)”


John SEKAJUGO (2019-present), VUB
“The added value of citizen science to environmental hazard assessment and risk analysis: the case of the Geo-observer network in SW Uganda”


Pascal SIBOMANA (2020-present), RMCA/ULiège/Rwanda Polytechnic
“Landslide distribution in the changing landscapes of the NW provinces of Rwanda”


Josué SUBIRA (2019-present), RMCA/ULiège/Observatoire Volcanologique de Goma
“Développement d'une chaîne de traitement automatique en temps-réel pour la détection, la classification et la localisation des signaux sismo-volcaniques dans la province des Virunga”

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